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Scenic flights

Blue Mountains Helicopter Flights & Tours


The UNESCO World Heritage listed Blue Mountains are known for their striking contrast between plateau, cliff and valley landscapes and the famous blue haze, which is a vapour, produced by numerous eucalypt trees. The best way to appreciate the evolution of the 18million year old mountain range is from the air. Included in this once in a lifetime 90 minute helicopter experience, this Blue Mountains scenic flight also includes a Sydney Harbour scenic as well.

Blue Mountains Tour Description

The Blue Mountains tour will begin from the comforts of our modern guest lounge. Before taking off on your helicopter flight experience, you will be greeted and checked-in by our expert operations staff. Following this, a proper safety briefing will be conducted between the pilot and passengers inside the spacious lounge area.

Once the safety briefing is complete, we will head out to the helicopter giving you the chance to use your own camera for some photos before boarding and flying. You can stand in front of the helicopter, or pose on the side – just have some fun and make use of this great photo opportunity! Cameras and video recorders are more than welcome to be taken aboard on the flight, as you can capture more fantastic memories as we fly over picturesque Sydney Harbour and beyond.

Upon the take-off of the helicopter for the Blue Mountains tour, you can enjoy the best of Sydney with full panoramic views of the skyline, Pacific Ocean and the widely renowned port of Botany Bay. Further along, our pilot will have you flying above the glistening waters of Maroubra Beach and going north-wards along the coast at 500 feet. You will contour fly the picturesque coastline of the Eastern Suburbs beaches including Coogee, Clovelly and also the world famous Bondi Beach, the aquamarine waters sparkling against the Sydney sun. You won’t be able to stop admiring the spectacular houses in Ben Buckler and Vaucluse, where they are perched on chiselled sandstone cliffs as the flight continues northbound to Sydney Harbour Heads.

Entering Sydney Harbour, you will fly past the Sydney Opera House on descent for the southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, flanked by the skyscrapers of North Sydney on the right and the Circular Quay/Sydney CBD on the left you will track the Parramatta River at 500 feet before coming to the Parramatta CBD, the geographical centre of Sydney. Your pilot will set course to the West as you slowly start to climb in elevation, the Blue Mountains in all their glory are ahead to greet you and uncover some of their visual secrets that you can only ever appreciate from the air.

You will see the famous Three Sisters and the unforgiving sandstone cliff faces that encompass the Jamison Valley. See the cascading Wentworth Falls as their crystal clear waters drop into the abyss before coming to a gentle end at the sandstone valley floor. The uniquely Australian eucalyptus forests stretch forever as you head South to Sydney’s water catchment area, the Warragamba Dam. It is truly amazing that you can go from Australia’s largest city to an area so remote that only seeing is believing. Returning via Sydney’s South Western suburbs and the Sydney Olympic Site this amazing flight is bound to exceed even the highest expectations. Your pilot will guide you throughout the flight, providing commentary with the use of the Bose voice-activated headsets. This modern piece of equipment also lets you talk with the pilots and with other passengers whilst on the helicopter!

In the enormous variety of unforgettable Australian locations, it is not hard to see why many people rank the Blue Mountains among their favourites. Situated to the west of Sydney, this rugged wilderness is famed for its unrivalled scenery, including waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, and the famous Three Sisters sandstone rock formation. As stunning as the area is from ground level, imagine how mind-blowing it would be to soar above the eucalyptus forests on your very own Blue Mountain helicopter ride.

Why Choose a Blue Mountains Helicopter Tour?

At Sydney Heli Tours, we offer Blue Mountain helicopter tours that are as thrilling and unforgettable as they are accessible. Whether you want a breathtaking Sydney Scenic Flight, a luxurious afternoon spent testing the finest offerings on a Wine Tasting and Lunch Tour, or convenient, premium A-to-B transfers, you could not be in better hands. Situated just a short 25-minute drive from Sydney CBD, our state-of-the-art facilities are an experience in themselves.

This fascinating area is within easy striking distance of Sydney yet encapsulates all that is wild and glorious about the great Australian outdoors. Soar over the luscious forests and raging waterfalls, snapping shots with your camera that your friends will scarcely be able to comprehend. A Blue Mountain helicopter tour with Sydney HeliTours is not something soon forgotten; join us soon and experience the majesty for yourself.

Planning Your Blue Mountains Helicopter Adventure

Whether you are looking for classic Blue Mountain helicopter tours or something a little more esoteric, we are here to help. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are standing by to discuss your dream scenic helicopter over the Blue Mountains and inform you of any must-see locations, exhilarating additional excursions or restrictions and logistical issues to be aware of.

When the fun is over, and you return to the heliport, elated, you will already be considering your next helicopter tour with Sydney HeliTours. Luckily, we have a superb range to choose from, including:

Our focus on safety never wavers, and you can rest easy knowing you are dealing with consummate professionals with an impeccable safety record. From convenient transfers to thrill rides, helicopter rides to major events, and scenic excursions, we have thought of everything.

Our fleet of premium aircraft allows us to offer helicopter charters for almost any purpose, including:

We even have a Tyler mini gyro camera our clients can use for difficult, memorable shots, stabilised HD filming, a Cineflex V14, and other practical filming equipment.

If you decide on our highly acclaimed Blue Mountains Scenic Flight, you can expect an exhilarating, adrenaline-fuelled 90-minute helicopter ride that takes in all the captivating scenery of the Blue Mountains and more. Some sights you will marvel at include:

  • Panoramic views of the Sydney skyline
  • The Pacific Ocean
  • Botany Bay and Maroubra Beach
  • Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, Coogee Beach,
  • Clovelly and Bondi Beach
  • Ben Buckler and Vaucluse
  • Sydney Harbour, Opera House, and Harbour
  • Bridge
  • Circular Quay/CBD
  • Parramatta River
  • The Blue Mountains
  • The Three Sisters
  • Jamison Valley
  • Wentworth Falls
  • Eucalyptus forests
  • Warragamba Dam

Tours to the beautiful Blue Mountains can range between 90 minutes and 5 hours, depending on your choice of Blue Mountain helicopter tour. However, as with all Sydney HeliTours charters, you can customise your trip and extend it as much as you like. You can make adjustments (if practical, logistical, and regulatory considerations allow) to spend more time in certain areas. When you take a helicopter to the Blue Mountains with us, we do everything possible to make it the perfect, most memorable experience of a lifetime.

We have several options for your unforgettable helicopter ride in the Blue Mountains. One of them is the sensational Blue Mountains eco-tour, a 5-hour extravaganza that includes an unforgettable 4WD adventure in the heart of the region. Please get in touch with us anytime to discuss any options that interest you or create a customised Blue Mountains helicopter trip.