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Eurocopter EC135 P2e

The Eurocopter EC135 P2e is a multi-engine turbine helicopter capable of carrying 6 passengers plus pilot utilising a 2+5 cabin configuration. Utilising modern technology and twin engines, the Eurocopter EC135 P2e comes equipped with full glass cockpit, 3-axis auto pilot and Category A Class 1 performance. Equipped for NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rules) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) capabilities, the Eurocopter EC135 P2e is the ideal choice for Corporate and VIP travel when multi-engine aircraft are required.

Aircraft Specs

Country of Origin: Germany
Type: Twin Engine – Turbine
Configuration: 2+5
Empty Weight: 1939kg
Payload: 1011kg
MTOW: 2950kg
Cruise Speed: 125kts
Range: 300nm

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