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Birthday Helicopter Rides Sydney

What could be more exciting or unexpected for those special people in your life than a thrilling helicopter ride birthday present? As exhilarating, adrenaline-fuelled experiences go, a helicopter birthday ride is hard to match. Best of all, you can customise the experience to suit the comfort levels and interests of the person celebrating. Depending on their preferences, you can incorporate some of the following elements into your package:

Why choose Sydney HeliTours? You will not find a more professional, safety-conscious, or conscientious helicopter company anywhere, and our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering.

Whichever style and combination of elements you choose, giving your friends and loved ones the shock of a lifetime with a helicopter surprise birthday ride is a thoughtful, touching gift that will not easily be forgotten. As impressive once-in-a-lifetime gifts go, few can be as memorable as a private helicopter ride for a birthday, and you will not be disappointed.

When you choose Sydney HeliTours for your once-in-a-lifetime helicopter surprise birthday charter, the locations and activities are yours to decide. You can discuss your ideas and requirements with our experienced staff, and they will give you information and guidance, highlighting any restrictions.

If you spend some time browsing our site, you will learn more about us, our incredible experiences, and how they can be customised to make the perfect helicopter birthday ride present. We also have an informative blog you may find interesting, and the team is standing by to answer any questions if you want to contact us directly.

At Sydney HeliTours, the team is dedicated to making each trip as unique and memorable as possible, and birthday helicopter rides are no exception. When you embark on any of our incredible helicopter tours, you can breathe easily knowing you are in expert, professional hands. In terms of experience and safety protocols, nothing is left to chance, and you can spend every moment soaking up an experience that will never leave you.

What to expect on the day depends on the exact details of your helicopter ride birthday present, but several things are guaranteed, including:

  • Courteous, friendly interactions
  • A comprehensive fleet of outstanding, perfectly-maintained aircraft
  • Sensational views and sights
  • Ultimate professionalism and maximum focus on safety considerations
  • The thrill of a lifetime

To find us in person when the exciting day arrives, our offices are conveniently located at Sydney Heliport. Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch the helicopter birthday ride taking off your historic take-off from our air-conditioned luxury lounge.

Booking your helicopter surprise birthday ride could not be easier. Simply select the appropriate dates and get in touch with the team at Sydney HeliTours. While it is impossible to guarantee we will have spaces available on your chosen day, the sooner you reach out, the better your chance of success. We will do everything possible to accommodate your party on a helicopter ride for their birthday on your chosen day.

While there are no official age restrictions for our birthday helicopter rides, we reserve the right to deny flights to individuals we feel are not physically or emotionally robust enough to handle the experience. While helicopter rides are incredibly smooth and pleasant, they are also exhilarating and can set pulses racing. Anyone suffering from heart issues or a nervous disposition is unlikely to enjoy the experience and should wait in the lounge.

Regarding extremely young passengers, we have no problems with babies and infants, provided they are in the arms or on the lap of an adult passenger. We also accept approved infant seats, bassinets, or youngsters secured to a carer papoose-style.

  • Please note: Only one infant (up to 2 years) is permitted on any of our helicopters at any time for safety and logistical purposes