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Scenic flights

Helicopter Flight Over Sydney Harbour


This is the best way to see Sydney in all its glory. See full panoramic views of Sydney’s eastern coastline including Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach, Manly Cove, Sydney’s spectacular Harbour and city skyline, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. This Sydney harbour helicopter tour will leave you breathless! Great views all packed into a 20 minute helicopter joy flight.

Tour Description

Your helicopter flight experience begins with a greeting and check-in from our friendly operations staff, followed by a thorough safety briefing in the comfort of our modern and spacious guest lounge.

After the safety briefing, we will head out to the helicopter and use your own camera for some photos in front of your helicopter before boarding. Cameras and video recorders can be taken with you on the helicopter for more fantastic memories of your flight over picturesque Sydney Harbour and beyond.

Upon take-off enjoy full panoramic views of the Sydney skyline, Pacific Ocean and the historic port of Botany Bay. Within minutes of departure your experienced and skilled pilot will have you above the glistening waters of Maroubra Beach and tracking north along the coast at 500 feet. You will contour fly the picturesque coastline of the eastern suburbs beaches including Coogee, Clovelly and also the world famous Bondi Beach, the aquamarine waters sparkling against the Sydney sun. Admire the spectacular houses of Dover Heights and Vaucluse perched on the chiselled sandstone cliffs as you continue northbound to Sydney Harbour heads and the world’s largest and most beautiful natural harbour.

Your experienced pilot will guide your aircraft through the magnificent Sydney Harbour giving you an unforgettable view of icons such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Watsons Bay, Rose Bay and Manly Cove. Looking towards the horizon you can see the rest of Sydney stretching out towards the Sydney Olympic site and further afield to the foothills of the world renowned heritage listed Blue Mountains.

As you start your return journey to the heliport you will fly past some of Sydney’s great sporting arenas including the Sydney Football Stadium and the Sydney Cricket Ground, as well as Randwick Racecourse. Throughout the flight your pilot will be providing you with informative commentary via Bose voice activated headsets, you will also be able to talk with the pilot and your other passengers whilst on the helicopter.

Explore Our Aerial Helicopter Photography Services

What could be more dynamic and impressive for your photography project than scenes that soar majestically above the Australian landscape and show its true glory from seldom-seen angles? Whether you are documenting the topography, creating a set of thrilling action shots, or just recording your experience for posterity, Sydney HeliTours is here to help.

We aim to keep our helicopter aerial photography prices as affordable and enticing as possible to facilitate the artistic or investigative requirements of our clients and provide a cost-effective, premium helicopter charter service.

The Advantages of Helicopter Aerial Photography in Sydney

When we address the subject of the advantages of helicopter aerial photography in Sydney, it’s hard to know where to begin. There is simply nothing that comes close in terms of giving you the opportunity to take a set of photographs that cannot be achieved any other way. Even with recent developments in the drone industry, the options for taking premium-quality photographs are limited by the range of the units and the quality of their onboard cameras.

Lights Over the Harbour: Nighttime Helicopter Tours of Sydney Harbour

If you want the ultimate alternative experience, why not book a helicopter tour of Sydney Harbour at night? See the bright lights of the big city and experience the thrill of being whisked through the night skies in your very own Sydney Harbour helicopter.

Embark on a Dazzling Adventure with Our Nighttime Helicopter Tours

We think you’ll agree that this is all very exciting, and the sooner you contact us and book your helicopter ride in Sydney Harbour, the sooner we can make your dreams come true. At Sydney Heli Tours, we’re here to facilitate a magical experience and show you a side of our beautiful city you’ve never seen before.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sydney Heli Tours

It is not possible to give an estimation of helicopter aerial photography prices without more information about times, destinations, equipment, and other factors. What we can say is that you will always receive our best price for your intended aerial helicopter photography session and full transparency of pricing structures with no hidden fees.

  • Please contact the team at Sydney HeliTours, and they can work through the details with you and prepare a quote for our services.

The answer to this depends entirely on your requirements and preferences. We are bound by the restrictions placed on all aircraft by air traffic control but are otherwise free to customise your aerial helicopter photography project in any way you see fit.

We will not allow any activities or requests that place the aircraft and its occupants in danger or cause distress to individuals below. However, we are open-minded and flexible regarding your project, and you can discuss your thoughts with our team, and together we’ll create the perfect session of helicopter aerial photography in Sydney and beyond.

Although we are exceptionally flexible and always do our best to cater to our client's wishes, we apply certain criteria and restrictions to any helicopter aerial photography in Sydney. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Excess weight and baggage restrictions—We reserve the right to refuse access to certain items of bulky, heavy equipment, and do not allow passengers to carry any dangerous items on board.
  • Availability—An easily avoidable stumbling block, it is crucial to book your helicopter aerial photography in Sydney as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Confirmed passenger details (including weight)—We reserve the right to refuse to carry passengers above a certain weight (depending on the capabilities of the aircraft in question).
  • Weather conditions—It is not safe or responsible to fly if weather conditions are not conducive to doing so. Our team will work closely with the pilots and weather experts to determine whether it is safe to fly, and their decision is final.
  • Air Traffic Control restrictions—Any unforeseen situations that require air traffic control to ground our aircraft are beyond our control, and we are legally bound to comply with their instructions.