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Passenger Safety is Our Main Priority in all Heli Flights

At Sydney HeliTours passenger safety is our main priority with every aspect of your flight.

The team at Sydney HeliTours understands and excels when it comes to your safety when you are flying with us. Sydney HeliTours has set the absolute highest standards when it comes to passenger safety, passenger management and aircraft maintenance. The complete helicopter fleet at Sydney HeliTours is wholly owned by Sydney HeliTours and operated by the completely certified and licenced crew of Sydney HeliTours only. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufactures strict recommendations and Sydney HeliTours also strictly adhere to the laws and requirements for aircraft maintenance set by Australia’s aviation governing body CASA (Civil Aviation safety authority)

Sydney HeliTours operates a fleet of modern aircraft utilising the latest technology and safety features. Our Eurocopter helicopters include Fenestron tail rotors for improved safety and reduced noise signatures

Sydney HeliTours operates under its own Air Operators Certificate (AOC) #1-D90FL-03 and is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certified Air Carrier. We comply with a comprehensive audit process undertaken regularly by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Sydney HeliTours employs one of Australia’s most experienced Check & Training captains and in-house Chief Pilot to ensure all company pilots are current on each aircraft operated and proficient with all relevant emergency procedures.

Sydney HeliTours has its own comprehensive public liability and also has liability insurance for all aircraft operated. When you fly with us you can rest assured everything is in place as required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Your safety and comfort is our number one priority and we take your safety very seriously. Starting with your entry into our lounge at Sydney Airport is through electronically controlled doors, and to access the airside tarmac is again through electronically controlled security doors which means there is absolutely no risk of anyone opening an airside door and accidently walking off into an operating helicopters rotor or tail rotor.

Once you have been checked in you will be required to watch a safety briefing that covers all aspects of safety while you are with us at the heliport, two very important safety aspects that are covered in our safety briefing are, seat belts and how to operate them, lifejackets and how to operate them along with other very important safety aspects and comfort aspects of your flight like the use of headsets.

At all times when you are with us at Sydney HeliTours out on the airside tarmac you will be escorted by either your Sydney HeliTours pilot or a Sydney HeliTours ground crew member. When you arrive back safety from your flight your pilot will control all aspects of safety in and around the aircraft. Your pilot will open any required doors to safety disembark you from your aircraft and also escort you off the airside tarmac back to the waiting lounge. Being escorted off the airside tarmac is a very important safety aspect due to the hazards of manoeuvring around other operational aircraft on the airside tarmac

When it comes to all aspects of your safety when you are with us at Sydney HeliTours, there is nothing that we do not take more seriously.  We are incredibly proud of our company’s 100% safety record.