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The Perfect Private Helicopter Tour

Have you always wanted to have a private getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life?

Always wanted to choose your own adventure and experience a very real and exclusive luxury escape?

Having your own private helicopter flight isn’t just for the famous, glamourous millionaires and pop stars, you too can enjoy a unique helicopter tour in private and exclusive style.

From the convenience of the Sydney Heliport, you can avoid the airport queues and crowds and experience your very own private helicopter ride to any one of our exciting destinations or even build your own custom tour.


Scenic Tours – Private Flights Available!

Sydney HeliTours offers a wide variety of scenic joy flights at affordable prices. These tours pack in the very best of what Sydney has to offer. Sydney HeliTours offers the option to make our scenic tours private which can really add to the occassion making for a special experience.
The extra cost to make the tour private allows for an enhanced luxurious experience, so that no matter what the reason, that special occasion can be enjoyed by those most important to you; be it anniversary, popping the question or quality time with friends.

Private Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley Transfers

Majestic sandstone escarpments dotted with eucalypts as far as the eye can see is a forever welcoming site at the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Resort. The multi-award-winning resort is nestled in the rugged Blue Mountains and is definitely a bucket-list luxury destination for anyone looking for a private getaway.

Why not begin the experience with a private helicopter flight to the resort?

Sydney HeliTours is the exclusive provider of all helicopter transfers to and from the Wolgan Valley Resort. We fly guests to the Wolgan Valley Resort regularly and provide guests with both private and shared options.
Flying privately gives you the added luxury of being able to select a time that suits your schedule and allows you the freedom to enjoy this magical Blue Mountains flight experience to the amazing Wolgan Valley Resort in a private setting.

A – B Transfers

Time is an increasingly precious commodity for us all. Living the high life in the skies isn’t just for the wealthy, it is also for those looking to make more economical sense of their time.

You can arrive at the heliport just 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, fly directly to your destination (without any layovers) and enjoy your time on-board the helicopter with your choice of people to share it with. The sooner you reach your destination, the sooner you can take care of business or begin a leisure break of your choosing.

Being able to fly at a time of your choosing and to remote locations that can be difficult to reach with scheduled carriers is a huge advantage of privately hiring your own helicopter. Our large helicopter fleet allows you access to remote destinations and congested urban areas that may not be accessible by other types of air transport.

For those requiring privacy, flying in your own helicopter offers a degree of discretion unrivalled by other modes of transport. Your privacy is important to us and we make every effort to ensure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible (literally), without the waiting around, lost luggage, transfers, delay concerns or security issues that you may experience on commercial flights.

The combined convenience and exhilaration of chartering a private helicopter makes every mile in the air a pleasure with Sydney HeliTours.

Private Lunch and Day Tours

If you are looking for an amazing lunch away from the city, why not make it a private affair?

Turn what could be a long traffic riddled drive into a door-to-door magical helicopter flight and spend more time on what matters - the journey, the people sitting next to you and the destination.

Sydney HeliTours can fly you privately to any one of our preferred lunch tour destinations. From Sydney, enjoy a scenic private flight to your lunch destination with those people that are important to you. Relax as you peer out through the window of your helicopter over the vast landscapes below, knowing that you are in safe hands with Sydney HeliTours.

When you land at the lunch destination of your choosing, enjoy a short stroll from the helicopter to be greeted by the welcoming restaurant staff who will seat you at your table. Relax and unwind with a glass of wine before your delicious three-course meal is served at any one of our fantastic luxury lunch escapes.

If you are doing one of our private day tours, a representative from the tour will be waiting at the helicopter landing site to take you to you on the next phase of the exciting and informative tour before returning you to your private helicopter for the enjoyable flight back.

Your exclusive private helicopter flight at Sydney HeliTours begins with a telephone call or email to us. Call us with your enquiry and we will take care of the rest.