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First Time Flyers - Everything You Need To Know

First time flyer or frequent flyer – it can be common to feel anxious or nervous before flying in the sky. Whether it’s a fear of heights or just your first time in a helicopter, at Sydney HeliTours, we intend to make your experience as enjoyable, safe and smooth as possible. Let’s discuss a few ways to overcome these emotions below.

Safe helicopter parked in drive way.

Are Helicopter Rides Safe?

We often get asked are helicopters safe - Sydney HeliTtours boasts a 100% safety record since our establishment in 2002. Routine aircraft maintenance programs, a professional approach towards safety and regular pilot training ensure that we uphold this renowned safety record.

And just to clarify - if a helicopter does suffer an engine failure they do not fall back to earth like a rock, they actually glide or ‘autorotate’ in pilot terms and a normal backyard is all that’s needed to conduct a safe landing. An Autorotation is a state of flight in which the main rotor system of a helicopter turns by air moving up through the rotor as oppose to the engine driving the rotor. So if anyone says helicopters are unsafe remember to tell them about autorotation.

What Should I Wear?

The temperature inside the cabins of our helicopters is very similar to the temperature inside your car. If you were comfortable while driving to our Heliport then you will most likely be comfortable while flying. All our aircraft have heating and air-conditioning so you won’t need to wear your winter coat on board the Helicopter. Just wear what you are comfortable in and we advise that you bring your sunglasses and camera along for the ride.

Tips To Overcome Motion Sickness?

If you suffer motion sickness you’re not alone. Approximately one third of the population experience it and it can a normal response to experiencing something new. At Sydney HeliTours we do everything to minimise the chance of our passengers experiencing airsickness including forward facing seats in all helicopters.

Our professional pilots ensure they fly as smoothly as possible, taking shallow turns with slow climbs and descents. Hot tips – keep your eyes on the horizon, avoid reading and rest your head on the headrest. We can also adjust the air vents for your comfort. Don’t worry if you are sick too, you won’t be the first or last and we make sure all our helicopters have sick bags. So don’t let the possibility of encountering a little motion sickness stop you from experiencing an amazing helicopter tour. 

How To Calm Your Flight Nerves?

Flight nerves are another disrupting phenomenon that plays havoc on the human body. They are often felt before take-off so follow our hints below to reduce these pesky nerves.

  • Trust and know that you are in the safe hands of our highly capable and well-trained pilots and flight crew for the duration of your experience with Sydney HeliTours.
  • If you start to feel nervous don’t try to suppress your feelings as this can make you feel worse. It’s normal! Just inform your pilot of how you are feeling throughout your journey.
  • Avoid caffeine and coffee before your flight as a stimulated mind can spin out in all kinds of nervous directions.
  • Remember that driving in a car is actually more dangerous than flying, so if you can drive to the airport the dangerous part is already done. Lastly just try to distract yourself whilst you wait for your flight by bringing something that comforts you. This might be a favourite book, an iPad loaded with movies or your iPod loaded with music to keep your mind distracted.

What If The Weather Is Bad On The Day Of The Flight?

Every morning and before any flights, our pilots run a thorough check of the weather forecasts and confirm the expected weather with provided by Air Services Australia – Australia’s navigation service provider. Your pilot is just as eager as you are to return home safely so if there is any chance of unsuitable weather conditions being encountered, the flight will not proceed. We will then also call you to offer the option of rescheduling your flight or refunding you the full amount. Please note, light rain or high cloud does not stop a flight from proceeding safely. It is only lighting and low visibility conditions such as fog, heavy rain and low cloud that have the potential to stop a flight from proceeding.

How Do I Tick Off My Bucket List Helicopter Ride Today?

Hopefully we’ve reassured you that the safety of our passengers is our number one priority. We want you to enjoy every second of the flight and intend to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us before your flight if you have any questions and please ask your professional pilot any questions and let them know if you have any concerns on the day.

We encourage you to embrace any fears you may have and call our friendly pilots at Sydney HeliTours today. This is your chance for a once in a lifetime helicopter ride, a tick box in the bucket list and the best way to see Sydney’s beautiful city.