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First time on a helicopter? Don’t sweat it, read our safety tips!

Advice for First-Time Helicopter Passengers

There is no better feeling than lifting off and flying through the low-level air in a helicopter. With the world at your feet, you are treated to a whole new experience where you can see everything with a 360 degree view. Flying at about 1,000 feet above the ground means that passengers are at an optimal height to fully appreciate the beauty of buildings and landmarks – as opposed to the tiny specs you would see from a commercial aeroplane! In particular, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge has never looked more spectacular than from our helicopters.

Sydney is breathtaking, picturesque and many other things that make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Escape the clutter of life and buildings as you fly airborne, being surrounded by the green serenity of ovals, racecourses and parks, as well as the blue waters of the harbour and the Pacific Ocean as you fly down the coast. It’ll be hard putting the camera down; the view from above is simply too good to believe!

What Should I Wear? Is The Temperature On Board Really Different?

One of our two most frequently asked questions are “what do I need for the flight?” Well, you don’t really need to prepare much for the flight! All you need is comfortable clothing, sunglasses, a camera or a camera phone – and that’s it! Our helicopters have built-in heating and air-conditioning. The air temperature will be very similar as to the ground level, as we do not fly high too to a level that makes much difference. If you are cold on the day of your flight, we recommend you bring a jumper.

Sydney HeliTours provides all the necessary safety equipment needed, which includes noise cancelling Bose headsets (to block out the noise from the engine and turning blades) and life jacket (as required by the Civil Aviation requirement when travelling over water). Passengers are safely secured with our car-like safety belts in the helicopter. This is very simple and comfortable to wear. All you need to worry about is sitting back and relaxing, enjoying the view!

The other question that first timers always ask…Will flying be scary?

The short answer is "no"! We boast a 100% safety record and our pilots constantly undertake training to maintain that highest standard of safety and professionalism. Even the most nervous passengers start to relax after taking off. The magnificent views from the helicopter certainly does its part in calming passengers. You’ll be laughing about how quickly your worries evaporate as you start climbing into the air above Sydney Airport.

With views of green parklands and ovals before you fly past the city to the endless water of Sydney Harbour, you will only find yourself creeping closer to the window to take it all in.

Should I Expect Any Flight Turbulence?

Bumps or turbulence in helicopters are basically non-existent. Without getting into an aerodynamic lecture (as exciting as they are), a helicopter’s response to light and medium turbulence is completely different to a plane. Helicopters ride out turbulence thanks to their sleek bodies and flexible blades- which means passengers won’t feel a thing! If turbulence is severe, we simply do not fly. It is meant to be an enjoyable scenic flight, after all!

Flying in a Helicopter is a Pleasant Experience, From Start to Finish

We look after everything from the moment you step through the door. Our staff will greet you at the check-in where we will hand you a helicopter safety card before sitting down with you in our executive lounge, with complimentary tea and coffee to enjoy whilst going through our safety video. Everything is explained to you and if you have any further questions, all you have to do is ask us!

Air Traffic Control

Once its flight time, we take you out to the aircraft where we explain specific details of aircraft safety. We can also take those happy snaps and selfies for you with your cameras! No flight is complete without photos. Our staff will accompany you throughout the heliport so we are there to always look after you and keep you safe.

Noise Levels: Can I Hear When The Pilot Is Talking To Me?

On board you can hear everything the pilot says to you through our Bose noise cancelling headsets. You can also listen to Air Traffic Control messages throughout the flight. As Sydney is Australia’s busiest airspace, you will constantly hear your pilot obtaining clearances before switching back to give you their full attention. There is no such thing as a silly question on your flight, so don’t hesitate to ask your friendly pilot. We run through a full commentary of Sydney throughout the flight and point out some of the hidden gems that only locals know.

Before you know it, you are back on solid ground after the breathtaking flight and a ten out of ten landing from your pilot. Similar to passenger jets, please keep your seat belts fastened until the rotor blades have stopped moving and keep your headsets on. Our friendly staff will open the door for you so basically, from start to finish, all you need to do is sit back, relax, take selfies and enjoy the ride!

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