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How much time can you save with a helicopter transfer?

Sit back and relax, the world is at your feet

You sit down and stretch out, looking out the window of an all glass cockpit. The engine gently spools up as you relax into the leather chair of your luxurious private helicopter. You feel yourself become effortlessly airborne as your helicopter lifts off and gradually climbs into the sky. You look at the busy roads and endless traffic beneath you as you fly through the clear sky past the city before glimpsing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. From 1,000 feet up, Sydney Harbour is literally at your feet. As you reach the city limits, nothing but endless beaches and bushland. Below you lies beautiful but harsh terrain that no car can reach. Before you get a chance to put your camera down, your pilot takes you into a gentle approach for your bush helipad. The skids caress the ground in a feather soft landing. The pilot shuts down the helicopter and opens the door for you to a different world. No airport, no city, no roads, just endless natural beauty…you have arrived!

When considering the busy lifestyle that we have made for ourselves in cities, I cannot think of anything worse than sitting in traffic on any road. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to work from my apartment in the eastern suburbs to Sydney Airport on weekends but, up to an hour on weekdays due to traffic. Madness! Also, when you consider busy holiday traffic on the highways on long weekends, travel can be stressful and infuriating. The limited and precious time we have for holidays in our busy working lives should not be spent wasting time on the road…unless it is a breathtaking scenic drive. And these are far and few between in Sydney.

There are some incredible sights out of Sydney…the breathtakingly rugged Blue Mountains, the rolling green vineyards that encompass the Hunter Valley, and the beautiful Central Coast beaches just to name a few. To drive from Sydney to the Blue Mountains it would take up to two hours. It takes 45 minutes via a scenic tour of Sydney Harbour by helicopter. It takes two and a half hours to drive from Sydney to the Hunter Valley (Cessnock) and only 45 minutes by helicopter over Sydney Harbour and our Northern beaches. Helicopters significantly reduce travel time allowing for more time to explore Australia’s beautiful sights and especially, for example in the Hunter Valley, more time for a long lunch and wine tasting! Moreover, helicopters do not require a large airport in order to land. All we require is a safe open area, no bigger than a small field, with permission to land from the landowner.

But helicopters aren’t only restricted to holidaying. Have you ever felt the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you are late to an important work meeting? Sitting in traffic as it crawls along the highway as you glace at your watch for the third time in a minute…or sitting at the airport watching your aircrafts flight time go back further and further on the departures board? There is need to worry about any of this when flying on a private helicopter. No lengthy battle with people at check in and major security screenings, no lining up for your flight, no squeezing into the tiny seats of cattle class, no battle with the person in front of you as they put their seat back, no lengthy taxiing down the runway, and no need to stare at a rotating baggage carousel looking for your case with the bright red lock before battling airport taxi queues.

Travel in Style - Conveninent and Luxurious

Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, should be enjoyable. Flying in a helicopter reduces the overall travel time and the stress of travel. Moreover, there are numerous city heliports set up throughout Australia. For example, Wollongong and Newcastle have heliports set right in the city. It takes us up to 25 minutes to fly to Wollongong Heliport. It only takes up to 45 minutes to fly to Newcastle Heliport located in the heart of Newcastle. This alone saves a 30-minute drive from Newcastle airport to Newcastle if you travel with a major airline.

It’s simple…check in, sit back and relax in the luxury of your private executive helicopter, take off, fly, land and casually stroll from your helicopter as your pilot helps you with your luggage. Luxurious expeditious stress-free travel!