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How to Impress Your Clients and Win Business with Executive Helicopter Charter

If you consider yourself to be a sophisticated business owner, then you've most likely heard of the Pareto Principle or more commonly, the 80/20 rule. This rule suggests that 80 percent of your business is coming from 20 percent of your customers. Whether valid or not, the point still stands that spending a little extra on your cream-of-the-crop customers can stimulate your clients and strengthen your brand. So why not spend some time taking better care of them?

Starring in Hollywood blockbusters and being the choice of transport for the elite, there is no doubt that helicopters are a symbol of style and luxury. At Sydney HeliTours we specialise in large capacity corporate passenger transfers and guarantee to impress your clients or colleagues with an executive helicopter charter. Nothing says professional service like our modern, well maintained fleet of helicopters.

With a selection of packages on offer, Sydney HeliTours is sure to imprint the ‘wow’ factor into your client’s minds and solidify your business relations.

A to B transfers

Want to arrive at your destination faster and fresher and without the delay of congested roads and red lights? Our extensive fleet of modern aircraft are available on short notice and our experienced pilots will work with you to personalise your very own A to B helicopter transfer.

If you are looking to indulge your clients, the style and time efficiency of an executive charter is sure to make an impression. The flexibility of a helicopter permits you to land at a wide range of locations, as well as any airport in Australia and will get you there in a heartbeat.

Major Event Transfers

If your negotiations are nearing an end and you’re looking to secure the deal, why not treat your partners-to-be to a day out at a major event? Whether you prefer to woo them with the throb of a V8 at Bathurst or have them win big on their favourite horse down at the racetrack, arriving by helicopter will only enhance the experience.

Sydney HeliTours has a working relationship with most of Sydney’s and Regional NSW’s major events and can organise a day trip you and your clients will never forget. With significantly reduced travel time and a definitive ‘swag’ factor, an executive helicopter transfer is sure to impress. Read more about major event transfers.

Corporate Rewards

Corporate rewards through helicopter flights are a great way to improve business relations, whether its with your own employees or existing and prospective clients.

If there are no current events, we have a variety of day packages that may fulfil your desires. What better way to get to know your partners than 18-holes on the green, a relaxing day at a spa or exchanging stories over a long lunch.

Golf tours

Start a bit of healthy competition and figure out who finishes on top with a round of golf. With access to a variety of courses around NSW, an executive helicopter charter can help you add some diversity to your game and improve your swing. Whether you decide to play on the exclusive Terry Hills or extend your reach to the majestic Magenta Shores, it is sure to be a round to remember.

Health Spa Day Trip

Pamper yourself and treat your clients for their loyalty by indulging them in absolute relaxation. Our delightful Day Spa package, hosted by the luxurious Pullman Magenta Shores, is the perfect way to wind down and ease the mind out of the work day.

Pub Tour

With full day or half day tours on offer to some of NSW’s greatest pubs, there’s no better way to assess an alliance than by putting it through the pub test.

Corporate Branding

What's that in the sky? Now with corporate branding on our helicopters you have the chance to showcase your brand to all those people down below! What a stylish way to make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Want to win new clients and promote your business in style? Executive charters are about making a statement and there is no better way to do so than tailoring your aircraft with custom decals to showcase your brand. Our modern fleet provides the perfect canvas to advertise and promote whilst providing the high end image you strive to portray.

However you choose to give a little extra, there is little doubt an executive helicopter charter will fortify your company name and nurture client relations. Through sharing one of these helicopter experiences, you will reach your associates on a personal level and aid in solidifying a strong and lasting relationship.

Feel free to contact Sydney HeliTours and let our friendly and dedicated staff help you customise the perfect helicopter package today.