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How Long Does a Helicopter Tour Last?

How long does a helicopter tour or flight last, I hear you ask?

With Sydney HeliTours, our tours and flights can last as long as you want them to. Or as the saying goes, 'how long is a piece of string'!

At Sydney HeliTours we specialise in helicopter tours and charter flights that can incorporate multiple stops or scenic helicopter flights that depart and arrive from our base at the Sydney Airport heliport.

But it does not stop there. Have you always wanted to fly in your very own privately chartered helicopter and fly to your very own property? Or to another location maybe? Providing that we can get landing permission to do so, then the sky is literally the limit or depending on how adventurous your imagination is.

But first let us look at some of our scenic flights, which do have a set flight time.

At Sydney HeliTours we have a flight to suit everyone's tastes and also everyone's budget.

Sydney HeliTours Harbour Heli flight. Duration 20 Minutes.

Our Harbour Heli flight is our shortest duration flight, but do not be fooled by the perceived shortness of the flight. From our location which is conveniently located at the Heliport at Sydney Airport your professionally trained pilot will have you over the Harbour waters taking in the incredible sights of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach within minutes giving you more time to take in these world famous and world renowned land marks. But these icons are not the only amazing sights to see because our next flight is the Sydney Heli Icons flight.

Sydney HeliTours Heli Icons flight. Duration 25 Minutes.

An amazing flight on our helicopter can be as long as you want it to be! Sydney HeliTours caters for people of all tastes and budget. Make an enquiry today!

Continuing on from our Harbour Heli flight is our Heli Icons flight that gives you more time to take in the sights of Sydney as detailed in our Harbour Flight but also includes the Northern Beaches including the world famous Manly Beach which is one of Sydney's most beautiful beaches. From here we have Sydney HeliTours Grand Heli Flight.

Sydney HeliTours Grand Heli Flight. Duration 30 Minutes.

So for those who want to spend even more time in the air Sydney HeliTours has the perfect flight, Our Grand Heli flight. The Grand Heli flight takes in all of Sydney's famous and majestic sights right through to Sydney's Eastern and Northern harbour areas and including all of Sydney's coastal areas. Our Grand Heli flight is a combined package of the Harbour and Icons Heli flights put together but with even more. With a full 30 minutes you will have that much more time to take in the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge along with both Bondi and Manly Beaches but it also includes more of the northern coastline to take in the beauty of Freshwater Curl Curl and Dee Why Beaches. Now for those who want to spend even more time up in the air Sydney HeliTours offers a full 1-hour flight called the Sydney HeliTours Greatest sights

Sydney HeliTours Greatest sights. Duration 60 minutes

The Greatest sights flight is for those who want to take their helicopter flight and experience to the next level. Sydney is simply a big place and it basically sits in a basin. Now that basin stretches all way from the north beginning with the entrance to the Hawkesbury River all the way down the coast to Cronulla and then from there all the way out through the wild west to the base of the Blue Mountains. The Greatest Sights 60 minutes flight gives you the opportunity to take in all of that. Looking back at the 3 flights we have just spoken about, The Greatest sights also incorporates all the beautiful sights of the Sydney Opera house, the Sydney Harbour bridge and also Bondi and Manly beaches but the flight will also continue North bound all the way up past all of Sydney’s stunning Northern coast line to most Northern tip of Sydney, Barrenjoey and the light house which stands tall on top of Barrenjoey head land which is also the entrance to Sydney’s largest and longest tidal river known as the Hawksbury River. From the entrance to the Hawksbury River the journey follows the river to Brooklyn bridge and past the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park from there we then track over Berowra Heights and North Western Sydney to the Sydney Olympic Park which is home to the best games ever, held in 2000. But the tour doesn’t stop there. The flight so far has been flown at a height no lower than 1000 foot. It’s time to get low. We join the Parramatta river from Ryde Bridge and fly the river like a race track down amongst some of Sydney’s most expensive real estate at 500 feet back towards and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Eastern side of the Harbour once more.

Now the flights we have discussed are just some of the wonderful flights we offer you from the team at Sydney HeliTours so if there is a flight or charter you have in mind give us a call on 02 9317 3402 and we will be more than happy to help you choose or create the flight you want.

So you asked “How long is a helicopter flight or tour?”

The Answer... It is totally up to you.