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Looking to explore Sydney in depth? Fly to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and more!

Sydney: One of the World's Best Harbour Cities

When people think of Sydney, several iconic images pop into their minds… Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and of course, the Sydney Opera House. And that doesn’t even scratch this city’s surface with pristine beaches, top restaurants and night spots and world class arts and culture. However, there are many forgotten destinations around Sydney. Destinations that many travellers disregard as they feel they do not have the time or are simply unaware of how accessible these places are. Fortunately for them many years ago, Mr Sikorsky et al. was there to help develop and create the helicopter!

Escape the City - Explore the Outer Regions on Air!

These outer forgotten destinations often take hours by car and, as I’ve found through conversations with many visitors and Sydney locals alike, people find it too time consuming and can’t pack it into their busy schedules. But there is so much to be explored in outer Sydney, simply waiting there for visitors and locals alike. The delicious luxury of the wonderful wines and gourmet restaurants of the Hunter Valley, the rugged endless sandstone escarpments, valleys and forests of the Blue Mountains and the distinct unique feeling of breathing in the relaxing salty air of the serene Central Coast. All on Sydney’s doorstep! And these are just a few of the options on offer around Sydney.

The Hunter Valley wine region lies to the north of Sydney. It takes about a five hour round trip to drive to the region… and this doesn’t leave a great deal of time for wine tasting. Sydney to the Hunter Valley by helicopter is only 45mins. The Hunter Valley is famous for its stunning Australian wines however, to experience the natural beauty of the region is something else. Endless vineyards, rolling green hills, beautiful cottages and some of Sydney’s best restaurants all play their roles to create this region. When one flies out to the Hunter Valley by helicopter, you see the dense bushland drop away and the steep cliffs fall into the valley as it opens up to reveal the numerous wineries. We can take you for a long leisurely lunch or we can drop you off at as many wineries as you like for tastings… as long as there is daylight.

Up for more of an adventure? We can take you on one of our Blue Mountains helicopter tours for a personal Eco Tour of the hidden valleys off the beaten track where you can get up and close to nature whilst listening to the story of how the mountains were created. The Blue Mountains are located four hours’ drive round trip to the west of Sydney, or approx 45 minutes each way by helicopter. The rugged terrain climbs up to plus 3,500 feet above sea level. For years the Blue Mountains acted as a barrier between Sydney and inland NSW with its impenetrable gorges and steep cliffs. All simply breathtaking. After something more adventurous? You can step up the adventure again at Glenworth Valley with the choice of horseback riding, quad-biking and kayaking or abseiling. All activities that are impossible to do in Sydney.

Reconnect with nature, get close to Australia's native wildlife

Being a city, there is a great deal of Australia that you cannot find in Sydney. For instance, it is impossible to get to grips with Australian native wildlife… other than possums. We have many possums in the city. But, if you want to see more, perhaps join us in the Central Coast to explore our native wildlife and get up close and personal with kangaroos and koalas, before going on a bush tucker and bush medicine tour with your own personal ranger. Or even fly further inland to discover an active sheep station and farm hidden on Sydney’s Northern outskirts. All only 30 minutes away by helicopter!

Ultimately, some people will resist the idea of travelling in a helicopter as they are normally associated with high price luxurious decadence. However, when you compare the cost of a night out in Sydney… taxi fare, restaurant and drinks, tickets to a show, night club fees and more drinks… a day’s adventure in outer Sydney by helicopter will probably end up being less expensive… and without the worry of waking up with the tired eyes of last night’s frivolities.

For me, the beauty and serenity of the Australian country and bush are one of the biggest things I miss about living in a big city. But I am lucky. Thankfully, I get to fly lovely people to these destinations every day. I get to see the endless vineyards of the Hunter Valley (minus the wine-tasting of course), breathe the clean air in the stunning Blue Mountains, relax in the temperate Southern tablelands, or even hand feed a kangaroo or two in the Sydney hinterland… and all without the worry of time and stress of traffic!