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Travel in Style - Anybody Can Book a Heli Charter!

Helicopters represent the ultimate choice of transport for anyone seeking a blend of adventure, luxury, comfort and flexibility. Contrary to popular belief, chartering a helicopter is not just reserved for superstars, celebrities, movers and shakers, the wealthy or the Bronwyn Bishop’s of this world.

Flying is a pleasure available to all of us and whilst helicopters might not be the fastest or the cheapest way to travel, they are without a doubt one of the most exciting forms of transport.

Charter Flight Services

Whether for scenic or corporate charter purposes or a spectacular entrance to that special event, chartering a helicopter is an experience you will not forget anytime soon and is probably a lot more affordable than you might think. Whatever the occasion, to travel and arrive in style by helicopter charter at your desired destination in a fraction of the time (with minimal check-in delays), is worth doing at least once in this lifetime.

Chartering a helicopter is a versatile way to travel to and from your destination while absorbing the serenity along the way. Whether that destination be the legendary Bathurst 1000 Supercar race in October, the Royal Randwick horse races in spring, transfer to the exclusive Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Resort, a corporate golf game or sporting event, the ski fields of Thredbo, wining and dining in the Hunter Valley or gracefully descending vertically into your very own special wedding reception. A chartered or scenic helicopter flight with Sydney HeliTours allows you to see and fly over many popular landmarks in New South Wales. You will see things from a very different perspective, a perspective that would not be possible otherwise.

Corporate Aircraft Charters - More Than Just Business

Whether you are looking to make a statement, create a lasting impression for your company or you are a busy executive, helicopter corporate aircraft charter is certainly the way to make your trip (and entrance) as luxurious and comfortable as possible. A business trip by helicopter will get you to your meeting faster and stress-free, so you will be relaxed and refreshed on arrival.

Corporate aircraft charter is a highly pleasurable and fashionable experience that will never be forgotten by colleagues or clients. Time is money and money is well spent if it means getting to an important business meeting or event on time and in style.

The number of people that will be accompanying you on your exhilarating helicopter flight will determine the type of helicopter used for your charter. At Sydney HeliTours we utilise only modern, low hour, executive helicopters for efficient and comfortable travel.

Everyone can use helicopter charter travel for that special occasion. Helicopter charter flights are perfectly suited to accessing crowded or secluded destinations. From busy sporting events to the relaxing hills of the Hunter Valley, our helicopters can land in small spaces allowing access to special events that would not be possible by aeroplane.

The option to charter a helicopter is available to anyone and that includes you! Making use of charter helicopter flights is a great way to mark that special occasion and create long lasting memories. After all, what could be better than turning up to that special occasion in a helicopter!